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St. Lucia - Thumbprint Experience

St. Lucia

Beauty Surrounds You at Every Turn

Driving up a long winding road passing some extraordinary houses, gardens, you can feel the beauty of the island.  Scenic backdrops everywhere that put you in a relaxing mood. The Piton mountains are the absolutely amazing. I must also include the Piton beer as well.  And I am no beer expert, but it was definitely a good look. We continued up the mountain to make a stop at a quarter of the way up.  There was a great souvenir shop there with reasonable prices and great items.

If souvenirs are you thing. You can definitely partake in something a little different.  Like taking pictures with the locals experiencing homemade rum and exotic animals.  This was definitely a unique and memorable moment.  The names of the rum alone will peak your interest (Viagra in a bottle). 

the beauty of exotic animals

Once you get to the top of the mountain, you will be pleasantly surprise by more beauty.  There is a absolutely refreshing and cold, natural waterfall.  So many people were taking a quick dip in the water.  It was my first time actually getting in a waterfall. And it would not be my last as you will learn as we continue in new posts.  We were able to enjoy this moment with some of our new friends that we met on the cruise. 

Now that we have made it to the top, it was time to head back down.  But not before with warm ourselves up in a steaming hot volcano sulfur spa bath.  This was something that I was not expecting. According to Thumbprint code 11 paragraph 2 line 4.  Thumbprint will never pass up a chance to try something different and unique.  That is not really a rule but you get the idea.  Never say no to a vacation experience. 

And once you get pass seeing all the beauty and culture of St. Lucia. There is some exciting and thrilling excursions that you can participate in. The rain forest also allowed us to fulfill our adrenaline rush. The zip line was exhilarating and intense.  If you have not zip lined before it is a definite must.

So all in all you have to put St. Lucia on your bucket  list if you have not been there.  It is worth every minute of time that you invest on your vacation and you will not be disappointed. And as we close check out some other pictures and video of our time in St. Lucia.


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