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Barbados - Thumbprint Experience


The Boatyard in Barbados, Magnificent Wonder #1

Where do I begin when in comes to The Boatyard in Barbados? The only right that I start this magnificent Caribbean series off with the island that brought so many good memories to my cruise family.  The Boatyard is the ultimate destination for fun or relaxation if you are cruising. Even though port time is limited to a few hours. The Thumbprint crew set out to find new thrills and meet new friends.

Don’t be fooled by the vendors who try and tell you that The Boatyard is not where you want to be.  Sea turtles are not something you want to see over the boatyard. On a side not that is a very interesting story for another time. The Boatyard is full of action. Equipped with diving platform, ocean trampoline, ocean igloo’s and more cabana’s and umbrella’s than people. It is an ocean playground paradise.  Nothing but clear blue water for miles that you can see through all the way to the ocean floor.

magnificent rope swing with ocean igloo in background  The Boatyard appeals to all when it comes to the activities surrounding you. Sharkey’s is the bar at the boatyard.  It is full energy that you can not resist. It resonates through your body.  Bringing out the party animal in all of us.  You can not be with in 2o feet of this place and not feel the positive vibe.  The power hour that they give gets the crowd the jumping and wanting more and more shots.  The bartenders are absolutely amazing. The drinks are on point and the prices are great. I could spend and entire day at the bar and still want to go back the next day. They definitely left an impression on the group that will never be forgotten. 

We met so many great people at the Boatyard.  Everyone was friendly and inviting which made our stay there that much better.  There was so much activity and fun going on, one would think you would have no time to just chill and relax.  That is so not the case. The Boatyard has hundreds of umbrellas and chairs to keep you cool in the shade.  The best part about the Boatyard is chairs and umbrella’s are included under one low entry price. When you go to Barbados make sure you visit the Boatyard and tell them that Thumbprint said hello. Enjoy some more pics and videos of our time at the Boatyard.

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